Tarot Workbook / Journal

I have created a workbook that matches my tarot book. They go hand in hand, tailored for the beginners and advanced courses provided by me.

The pages are not filled with information, as you will be the one to document all you learn, under headings I have created.

The information you receive comes in the form of my book combined with the lessons learned during the course.

Draw, write, create your ideas in this workbook. It is designed to flow freely, but there is structure.

This will become your documentation, your platform for readings and a basis of what you associate with each card. Because that is where the trigger for memory lies, it is held within your heart and mind. 

Cost: $5 for request of purchase Plus postage. Sent directly through post.

Free on attendance of Beginners or Advanced Tarot Workshops.

WORKBOOK SAMPLE  - Copyright Bronwyn Steventon 2015


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