Individual Tutelage

There is nothing I love more than teaching one on one. It provides direct learning and when questions arise, these can be answered with clarity and individuality. This is tutoring for tarot. I will provide individual students with a tailored course that meets their learning needs and level of understanding. Each session will build on the last and will eventually lead to greater understanding, on a personal level, of tarot and how this amazing art of communication and divination works. 

There need not be one long lesson, as some may  desire to learn tarot in short one to two hour lessons. Yet because the course is designed for individual tutelage I can structure the learning to suit daily schedules.

Every aspect of tarot will be taught, and each student will be provided the answers they require to integrate tarot into their lives in a way that suits their needs. If you are serious about tarot I will match that, if you are interested in divination, I can teach that. I will tailor your lessons to suit you.

I am also very happy to include any Oracle cards or decks you have a connection with, in the lesson, that you would like to intergrate.

When taught this fine art on a one to one basis, the amount of information given is extensive and will be helpful to the individual on a personal level. During this time the student can ask as many question as they like regarding the esoteric and I will answer based on my own understanding, and from the perspective of the Guides that connect with me.

Cost: $30 for one hour & $60 for two hours. $5 includes Workbook/Journal and laminated Minor Arcana memory cards.

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Payment in person happily accepted.


Nine Of Pentacles