General Tarot Reading

Through reading tarot I can help you find your best potential life path, help you remove blocks that prevent spiritual growth and assist you in connecting with your guides. Through the reading I want to help you sense the presence of your higher self and find your true purpose in life. I have an ability to present information in a practical, usable way but I am also very connected to the mysteries of the unseen energies we work with on a daily basis. I have been working with tarot since my early twenties and was initially taught by a member of the Australian Tarot Guild, some of the esoteric knowledge behind the symbolism which set me on the right path for reading tarot.

You see tarot is not just a play with cards, trying to find out your future, rather it is a guide that can show you where you are placing your energy and how experiences in your life will come about. We all have so many paths we could walk down and choose, because we are never stuck in one future, but the focus we place on particular areas in our lives is what creates our future. I can help you figure out where you are headed and what to place your attention on. I can also help you find the strongest possible outcomes based on certain decisions made and either steer you in the right direction or help you avoid disaster. 

The reason Tarot works is because the energy of the symbolism is held within the collective consciousness of humanity, and this is what we connect to. In the same way, the card you pick is drawn to you through the law of attraction. When you combine the law of attraction with the energy of the symbolism held in the the etheric field, you have the science behind tarot. It is important for you to understand that all of your potential paths lie waiting for you to activate them in the etheric field of the Divine Matrix. This is what I am good at and this is where I can guide you, where I can help you focus your attention in the right direction. I also receive a little help from the guides when they choose to come through.

1.5 hrs - $80, 2hrs plus -$100


CALL ME OR BOOK HERE - Payment through PayPal available.

Payment on arrival is happily accepted, just let me know through the booking process via the message board and ignore the PayPal option.



During the reading I want you to feel at peace, because this is a time where you can step outside of life for a moment, and breath.

So relax on the couch, sit on the carpet, take your shoes off, I don't mind, and embrace the experience,

because healing is an important aspect to life. 

 I have worked with many aspects of the unseen realms, and find it a joy connecting people with those they cannot see, who are there, at every moment simply waiting for our attention.

I have had many experiences communicating with Spirit Guides, the Spirits of people passed on, Angelic beings and even the Elementals, but I never assume to control the experience as they often initiate the connection, and I treat each reading as sacred.

The main focus for me is that you leave with answers, feeling peaceful, connected and guided.



In this section I would like to introduce you to some things I have learned along the way. There is no point in reading for anyone unless they have resources to draw on to support their healing and growth after they have experienced an energetic shift and, if a client needs further clarification after their reading, I am happy to facilate the healing process over a brief phone call or an email.





YouTube clip on the best explanation of a crystal grid: