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Note To The Reader

This book ought not be used as an analytical approach to the art of tarot. It is far finer than this. Instead it is a step up in vibration bringing to the reader the possibility of the unseen, of the things that hint at the existence of Spirits, Angels and Guides, even God, through the art of reading tarot. It teaches a way of communicating with your higher self through the symbolism of the cards. This experience will leave you feeling supported, because it is not easy doing it alone, and you are not alone, the ether is filled with beings who want nothing more than to communicate with you. They are waiting simply for your attention. When this book is read and you come to the end, you will have an understanding of how the Universe works through the subtle language of symbolism and synchronicity. This book will teach you through the traditional tarot, how to interpret the purpose behind your experiences and ways to remove blocks that prevent spiritual and emotional growth. This will shift your vibration to a level where you feel the presence of your Infinite Self communicating with you as you manoeuvre your way through life.

Tarot has, and will always be, my way of hearing the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, messages from Source, from All That Is, telling me there is more to life than meets the eye. I hope it becomes your connection to the next dimension up, where your higher self sits, waits for your attention and watches over you.

  • A comprehensive text on the art of tarot that can be used as a catalyst for spiritual growth, as well as divination.

  • Length: 264 pages.

  • Cost: $30 per copy. 

  • You can purchase a copy through this website, through workshops or in person.

  • Payment through Paypal, direct deposit, or cash when in person accepted. 

  • Prints of the Hanson-Roberts tarot deck included through copyright, descriptions and meanings, as well as esoteric truths not available in the more commercialised texts.

  • Every part of this book is original and created by me through years of documentation, observation, practice and experience. 


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Tarot, The Holistic Approach


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Readership Book Reviews

I have read the above book on many occasions and highly recommend it.
As a new student of tarot, I have found it an easy, well written and beautifully crafted text.
I never get tired of the explanations and inner meaning of the cards and the story of the fool's journey.
I think it makes fascinating reading in the simple yet complex way it explains the world of tarot.

I have read a few books on tarot and have always found it very hard to feel the connection between the written words and the cards’ energy.

Bronwyn manages to make that connection in her book and while reading about cards one is able to feel the vibe of the card.

It is a great book to work with when learning how to use tarot cards, as Bronwyn is not showing off by using complicated words however uses words, feelings and emotions that we all understand and can connect with. This makes it much easier to understand what the cards are trying to tell us. I can imagine that due to this many people who have experience in reading tarot would find this book very refreshing and heartfelt.

As a novice to the world of tarot I was excited to find that Bronwyn’s book has great comprehensive information that one can really use, something very down to earth and practical, that really helps me understand the cards and their meaning. In addition, I feel like the book can be used as additional help with what one already intuitively knows, something that would help guide me rather than overwhelm me. This is especially true for the chapter on spreads and readings. Bronwyn guides us into the spreads with ease, starting simple and slowly with a three card spread that is easy to work with. For the more experienced readers, she does go into the seven-point star spread and celtic cross, something I can look forward to doing, once I’m more comfortable with my skills and knowledge.

She begins and ends the book with the fool’s journey, managing to describe the cards in the major arcana in a whole new way. I loved how this showed me, the reader that tarot is not only about the here and now, but it is a journey. A journey that I, the novice am on but also a journey that all of us are on, which is key to remember when working with tarot.



" Tarot the Holistic Approach" is the definitive book if you really want to learn about the tarot.
Bronwyn's narrative is so friendly - it is like she is in your lounge room discussing metaphysical
and arcana concepts over a mug of chai. 
Her "signature energy" of the cards ensures an accurate reading every time. Highly recommended



A great reference book beautifully written for the beginner or the advanced . Bronwyn has captured the essence of the cards making it easy to understand the message being communicated through the cards.

Tarot The Holistic Approach lives up to its title, it is more than just the meanings of the cards.

I highly recommend it as your reference in your tarot journey.




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'The Chair and The Desk'

It all began here, at this old desk, sitting on this old chair, both dragged from an op shop, to the corner of a room in my house.

This act of determination for manifestation was the catalyst for writing the book.

I created a space to work in, based on a desire to finally pull together all the notes, and documentation of my oberservation, of how tarot worked in our world.


We all need a space to create from, this was mine. An old desk found in an op shop which I pictured before I came across it, hidden in the back of the room. Before this image you see, this particular space, this corner, held an energy that I needed to shift. So when the desire to write took over and the space felt too heavy to keep the way it was, this area was born. It became a small haven I stepped into at all hours of the night, writing whenever the urge arose or 'they' woke me up. At this desk I sat, in a daze typing on my iPad allowing the thoughts to flow, wondering at 20,000 words if would be big enough for a book. Then at 40,000 wondering if it was worth being a book, then obsessing that I had to 'get it out there' no matter what. What drove me was the idea that it might help someone, that it could be the very thing that opened up a space for another to walk into and bask in the light of the idea that we are not alone.

So my hope for this book is simply, that someone, somewhere, will pick it up during a difficult period in life, read a page and find some peace in the knowledge that life is not random, rather it is all of our own creation. Which means when we learn how to create, with the help of Tarot and those on the other side, we get to live a life filled with sychronicity and purpose.

This picture was sent to me by a reader, friend and student conveying in a message, a contagious excitment about beginning their journey with tarot with a new deck of tarot cards to boot!!


Thank you!


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