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This page is dedicated to my guide Rama, or Ramanada as he was in a physical life, who has been with me for many lifetimes and who has taught me many things and still does. He is an Indian gentleman, with an elongated nose, long elegant arms, dark skin and kind eyes. In my mind's eye I see him dressed as a Sufi, with a walking stick and long hair tied behind his neck, with a small bun sitting just above his forehead. He is not the only guide I have, but he is the one I have a connection with that spans my life. (The story of how it all came about, can be read on the 'About Blue Star' page.)

Everyone has a guide, there are no exceptions, even though we might think there is. We might assume we need to be spiritual in some way, or connected to something that initiates us into the realm of 'those with a guide'. We do not, we have them regardless. The communication lines are just a little more....undefinable when we are not aware of them.

The point is when we look at how we are connected, and understand that this connection is through energy, and that energy permeates and creates all things and acknowledge the fact that fields of energy intermingle with eachother, it stands to reason those who exist outside of our realm are connected to us through energy as well. They are not isolated by some barrier where our lives do not affect theirs and vice versa. Our lives are connected to them, simply because there is no true separation, other than the fact that they exist in a dimension we cannot see. The reason I am fully aware of Rama is because in this lifetime, it was planned that we interact in such a way that was tangible enough to be useful. That, and I did the work, I searched, researched, questioned, meditated, travelled, asked more questions, did courses, healing, and finally came to a place where I trusted what I heard. 

The guides around us live in their dimension, they exist and assist us because our evolution is connected to theirs. They are us without a body. Each person has a connection with a being that desires to assist them. I cannot emphasise enough the fact that we are not here on earth doing this alone. Guides help link us to our heritage, our ancestry as human beings. They help guide us towards our divinity. Guides are not Angels, but they can be inter-dimensional beings, lost loved ones, past life teachers, they are not easily labelled. Rama has shown me how this world works and in the articles below I will share with you what I have learned, but I do this with humilty because we all have this connection and mine is not more important than yours.

 So I dedicate this page to all the experiences had, that connect with the Earthly Guides who interact with us on a daily basis, whether we know it or not.

Below is a sample of my interpretation of Rama's teachings, which I have started documenting in the form of a book.

Enjoy : )


 By Bronwyn Steventon. Copyright 2015


Copyright Daljeet Singh and Kharak Singh

This is a painting of a Bhakti Sufi from India.

This is how I see Rama, although he is usually wearing a white, nappy style wrap. I only just found this picture after he told me he was a sufi, which, by the way took twenty years! When I could finally match an image on the internet, with the image I had in my mind's eye, you can imagine the relief. I had not made it up. Just to be clear, this had not happened overnight, all of it was a process and a sequence of events and learning that spanned over two decades. The internet had not yet become a part of civilian life when I connected with Rama.

I see myself next to him, as a student, and I will always feel like his humble student. I dont mind.



Recently Channeled Bits and Bobs 

From both my guides Rama and Maria

 These two pictures are not randomly chosen, they both have a connection to the experiences I have had with these two beings.

Rama I met at seventeen years of age, not knowing then that he was from a larger consciousness, that of Ramayana, until twenty years later.

I took a picture of this carving from the side of a raft, going down a river in Bali, just outside of Ubud.

Yet it was my daughter that shouted out, 'Mum, there is Rama, see his bun!'.

I have always been open with my children about the world beyond this physical one and had described often what he looked like to me.

To see this after seeing only images in my mind for over twenty years, the figure I had described to so many people, gave me what we all seek; validation. The story of this long relationship, where I have been taught many things only seems to continue and grow. 


The second picture I found when searching, immediately after I connected to this being in a Yum Cha restuarant of all places.

I went into a semi trance and could not look away from a space in the air.

All I saw in my mind's eye was the image of a woman coming out

of light. So I called her, Lady from the light, and she calls herself M-Aria, Maria.

She says she is Elohim, and from the Pleiades. Maria has explained to me the pupose of light in regards to mankind, how they create us with this light and that there is a geometric pattern in each light particle, particles that we are made from. 'From dust you were made'.

On this page, I will share what I am given through meditation by these two very different beings.



Channeling - Is It Real?

When I first met Rama, and saw him come through into the medium's body, the most mind blowing part of the experience was the energy in the room. I felt dizzy and sick, but not sick in a bad way, rather in a way that felt odd and yet oddly uplifting. When I first channeled information myself it did not happen in the same way we receive information when talking to another person in the flesh, rather it was subtle. It felt like the words, sentences or impressions were my thoughts and yet I knew it was not from me. One night I sat meditating in my room. I was living with my sister and was half way through my Uni Degree. It was about six months after the Pranic Healing course and Rama had become a constant companion. As I clicked gently into that headspace of relaxation and awareness he appeared quickly in front of me, cut off my head with a sword and said 'See, it is of no signifigance.' At that spilt second I felt myself jolt out, then back into my body. I'll never forget that feeling of being so detached from this physical reality and removed in such a brutal way, that it was almost laughable. From the experience I realised this world was an illusion and not to take it so seriously. So is it real? I for one, check for proof. Here is what I do, first when something happens, I research, try to find information that matches what I've been told by my guides. I am after all, a skeptic at heart. Not long ago Rama told me more about Sufism, he said that he and I studied the 'Mind Of God'. He also impressed upon me, which is channel talk for information with no words involved just impressions, that we sought pure knowledge about things, life, notions about God that were devoid of religion. It's hard to explain but it was a feeling of no judgement, just a desire to connect with what is divine, I mean true divinity. So I researched and found an article which conveyed all of the ideas he taught me during meditation. Proof gives me freedom to trust the information, but proof also comes through sychronicity and events that make sense only to the one experiencing it. The second thing is, I dont fill my head full of useless information regarding a topic he is teaching me. Instead, I research key points and and avoid getting bogged down in semantics. There is no fear in channeled information either and the wording is entirely based in non-judgement.


Here is something Rama told me years ago, one of many but as I said one day I will write it all down, his quotes that is.

'You are filling up your head with words, with advice, 'right action'. The only right action is that which is pure intent. Work out your intentions and follow them through because, ultimately what you 'do' is irrelevant, it is how you 'feel' about it that matters.'

At the time I was having trouble making a decision about whether I should go back home or stay up north in Queensland. So in my case it came as advice, real, tangible guidance. But for others it is an entirely different experience. Have a look at this clip I found on the internet by Grace Cavanaugh who channels Osairah. This is the real deal. You can tell because of the language, the non judgement, the tone. If it feels pure and creates a sense of ease despite 'how' the channel actually speaks, it probably is genuine.




During a meditation the other day, the Blue Star Woman came in. She has such a strong energy, sometimes if I'm exhausted Rama backs it off for me, but on this day he let her rip, so to speak! She showed me that as the world is a hologram, and consciousness permeates all things this means we can slip into another space of consciousness since there are no real boundaries. She showed me this, or rather pulled me slightly out of my body to show me, and I felt a very tiny merge, almost like moving through a blurred colour boundary, if that makes sense. This means that it is possible to feel things from mulit-dimensional aspects of ourselves because there are no boundaries, since this world is all one and a hologram to boot. This is so hard to explain, but in terms of channeling, if we consider matter is just energy vibrating, then raising our vibration means the faster we vibrate, or resonate, or the smaller the frequency waves we create within our cells, the easier it will be to perceive information from other dimensions. We just have to match our frequency, with theirs.

I have found a beautiful channel called Lilli Bendriss. Sometimes when I create my vibrational essence sprays, I have her voice playing in the background as she channels, to charge the water and essentials oils with the vibration. She talks about merging her consciousness with an aspect of herself that lives in another dimension.






Here is something else Rama told me when I was really struggling in life;

'You choose because you choose, that is all. The concept of consequence only creates guilt. It is the beauty of the moment that holds the gift not the future notion of hope and 'correct paths' and choices. Remain in the moment. Do not make the choice based in fear of future consequences. Follow the heart of the moment. Live truthfully. It is an illusion to think you must chase happiness. It is in the moment, before you, only there to be noticed.'


Paul Selig - I Am Word


An Ascension Tool

After trudging down a long road of suffering at the hands of my absent self worth, I decided I'd had enough.

So I faced it, faced all of my shortcomings.

I went through The Devil phase and woke up underneath The Star.

But once out from under my low vibrational perception of life, I felt naked, as you do when The Star finally comes in,

and so I searched for an answer to my desire to expand and this came in.









You see, after I shifted my past, with the help of a friend and Archangel Gabriel, after it was burnt behind me in my mind's eye by my Sirian sister and her group, I discovered the hypnotherpist and lecturer, Dolores Cannon, a beautiful woman who has now passed on.

It was  this connection that inspired me to find the right person to regress me into my past lives using Ms Cannon's formula.

After this experience, facinated and inspired, I then researched material that came from QHHT sessions and found the above four hypnotherapy sessions.

These recorded sessions, I know as an empath, are the real thing. This material is straight from Source. 

It was through these hypnotherapy sessions that I heard the name of Paul Selig referred to.

This led me to finding the book, I Am Word, channeled by Paul Selig, which is a vibrational, step by step, ascension program, which I read every morning,

following all the prompts in the book, when it was right to, and as a result something changed in me.

It wont work for everyone because it depends on where you are in your growth and you may not connect with the material, but I felt the shift.

If you are willing, it may help you find a place to start.

I had the talking book and the Kindle book, and used them in unison.

I do not know of anyone in my world who is aware of these sessions, or the book, no one.

Which is why I am sharing this unique ascension tool.

Paul Selig is mentioned at 4:10 in part four of the sessions.



Channeling - Is It Possible For Anyone, Or Only The Gifted Few?

I recently conducted a workshop whereby it was mentioned that I was a channel. I recoil at this thought I guess because when I saw Rama enter the body of a 'living' person, I thought 'what is this', at first, then after, 'right, that is channeling'. So when I stand, or sit, before another person and 'they' come in, I don't see it as channeling, rather it is connecting, linking in. It is like being under water and seeing the light above the surface and swimming up to the surface, but without ever actually getting there, you just keep your eyes on the light and keep moving up. This movement towards the light, this communication which happens when they pull me in, is not like hearing words spoken. Instead it comes in as an impression first, that is then formed into words. Once the words form in my mind, they keep forming and so it flows and I just go with that flow. 

Unlike the fortunate few who wake up one morning and suddenly have their filters removed, I did not. I meditated for years, worked on that feeling, that out of my senses feeling we can get during meditation, and yes we have to meditate. It is the only way to tune the skills required for channeling. Over time I have trained my brain to know when it is not my brain. I know what it feels like when they communicate with me because I recognise the energy. So when I receive information, I assume it happens because I have worked towards it and that is why I am able to channel, not so much because I have a gift.

But here's the other thing, it gets stronger the more you practise. So when that feeling comes in, from them, I hone it, develop it, treat it as sacred. I document it, and then research what has happened to me so I know. I think we must treat it as an art, a study, and find out what it is we are working with, because once you know who or what it is trying to link with you, it is easier to develop that connection. Which is what I do with those who come to see me, or are sent to me by their Guides, or Angels or Higher Selves. I help them connect as I have, and to know what that connection feels like, which is essential to us all evolving. I don't think clairvoyant experiences should be only for the selected few, as it was in the old days of spirituality, where we had to see a psychic to find out what we needed to know. We should be able to do it for ourselves. I would rather we all learn this ability to channel information and only go to others to work as a group or when an objective perspective is needed.

But I have to say, those we seek a connection with, including our Oversoul, are pretty much running the show. There are days when I anticipate the reading and I think, yep, this is what I would like to happen, so dear Guides, come on, do this and then I can help them. But no, it never turns out the way I think it will. Never! They do their own thing, which is important to understand, because they are not to be controlled. Once you start to channel, let's call it that for simplicity's sake, in a way that is exciting and functional, you will find they leave for a short period of time. They leave and we, the students, travel alone, around the dark side of the moon, where it is silent. That silence is not very pleasant, but they do it for a reason, and that is to teach us that we are not to dictate what they do, they are as evolved as we are, if not more so. They are not puppets to be controlled and so we need be in a state of perpetual learning, student mode, in order to learn from them. That is how they work, and once we come around the orbit, back into the light, they appear in force, to teach us more. Let's not forget that these energies, these beings, these higher dimensional beings, exist outside of time, and outside of contrast, so the view they have is expanded, all loving, all knowing, and divine. Rama told me that from where he resides, there is no point of reference. He has no point of reference therefore no judgement, as All That Is, is connected throughout. (Actually he then said I am a point of reference for him for the purpose of teaching, but that is a whole other topic.)

In terms of it being real, in my travels I have experienced things that cannot be explained by logic, so I don't even try any more. How arrogant and small minded of me to think that there is nothing more than my body, especially when I know that energy can't die and can't be created. It just Is. Because when I connect with a being, be that a Guide, Angel or an Inter-dimensional being such as Kachina, I have to remind myself that there is too much proof for me to dismiss what happens to me when I channel, that I know very little in the grand scheme of things, cosmos included, and that I have a very limited view given my physical handicap, that is, being human. So channel or not, I know, because of the way we are set up energetically, that we can all do it. We just have to want it and work on accepting that it will not happen like it does in the physical, it is after all, all energy..... Practise, practise, practise is the key. So, meditate, develop those skills, and you will find yourself starting to channel, probably when you least expect it.

Note: A 'Filter' refers to the physical makeup in our brain that allows us to cope with the outside world by organising information into what we view as seperate from us and third dimensional. When someone has their filter removed by Higher Beings, or the Oversoul, they see energy as it really is.




Meditation can seem like a chore, but once things start to happen, it wont be. But you have to give it time, it is after all a skill we need to hone, in order to learn what it feels like to connect.

Here are a few links for meditating.

This came through when the Lion's Gate opened in August but I still use it every day. It is still applicable.

Click Here: SolaraAnRa - 8.8.8 Paschat Remembering, Chamber Of Light

David Ison creates some excellent tracks that can be purchased if you don't want to keep using Youtube.

Click Here: Spring Equinox Celebration

These two together create a 25 minute meditation, just enough if you have a busy lifestyle. Try to meditate in the morning as the energy of daytime can become too 'heavy'.

Morning holds a receptive energy, because once we to go to sleep, travel outside our bodies, come back in and then wake up, we have energetically pressed the re-start button to begin again.

Bare with me on the following meditation (well actually it is an activation), because the recording is not very good, but the resonance is highly vibrational. It feels strange at first, but stay with it, because this triggered something in me when I first began to use it for meditation.

Click Here: Arcturian Healing Chamber Of Light - An Upgrade- SolaraAnRa





"Belief sets the perimeters of what we experience in our reality.

It creates the boundaries of how far we are willing to go.

But 'out there' is divine truth, untainted and eternal, untouched by human perception.

This we can trust, because it is the true reality."






"The mind is not bound by matter, but it creates it.

The physical world is a structured representation of energy, held within a pattern, expressed out of the creative vibration of God Source energy which is the resonance of love.

We are a singular point of that expression. We are love made into form.

By contrast we observe our own growth;

An aspect of 'That Which Is Not' becomes 'That Which Is', a constant potential of creation expressing itself, observing itself, and expanding through that observation.

So sit,

and know that you are,

God incarnate."



James Van Praugh, The Gentle Medium

Here are some great clips about spirit guides, channleing and mediumship from James Van Praugh. He was blasted by Hollywood women, but he is, I find, a gentle, kind man, who does connect with those on the other side. 


Click Here: An Interesting Interview -

This shows how mediumship works without the set up, complete synchronicity


Click Here: James Van Praugh - Spirit Guides


Click Here: James Van Praugh - Mediumship


Click Here: James Van Praugh - The Art of Mediumship


Finally, this is absolute proof, and what is really amazing I found it so helpful regarding mediumship and how it works.


Click Here: Interview with Spiritual Medium - James Van Praugh


Mediumship -

Are  You Kidding Me!?

A long time ago, I sat with a friend in my room. I was around twenty five. She and I were pretty close and we often hung out between waitressing and housekeeping shifts. We both worked at my parent's hotel in the snow. I would read her cards, snuggled up in my attic room, the cold ice forming shapes on the domer window that jutted out of the high roof, four stories up.

On this particular afternoon, without knowing what was happening, I saw an old lady in my mind. Her face was very clear. But the oddest thing was her neck. She had this most extended turkey neck. I asked my friend if her Grandma had died. She said yes, then as soon as this was acknowledged the Gran started placing images in my mind of how she spoke to her Grandaughter.

What followed was the confirmation that her Gran did in fact have the most droopy turkey neck, then a strange conversation about their relationship formed, with me as the go between. There was something she had wanted to tell my friend, but this I don't recall. The only vivid recollection I have is of the hideous, wrinkled neck, that seemed to swing back and forth as she spoke to me.

At the time I had no idea this, was what most call, Mediumship. I had no name for what was occuring, since my parents never really talked about anything other then their business and life in general. But over the years I found it wasn't just those who had passed on who communicated with me, Spirit Guides of people in my life popped in as well. But I only mention this because connecting with a Guide is an entirely different experience. This is why I am writing this article, because I had no idea I was doing it, and I'm sure many of you out there who have also experienced this, doubt what is happening as well. That is unless you actully 'see' someone. I have not. I only see them as I do other non physical beings, which is in my mind's eye.

But that non physical space is the only place they can go to communicate! Why? Because they are not in the physical realm any more. Thoughts and impressions are the only way they can get through, other than mucking about with the lights, of shifting stuff around in the house, playing songs on the radio and smells. But this is not actual communcation that says, 'Can you sell the house', or 'Make sure he settles down', and so on.

Mediumship can be vague when connecting with a loved one passed on, because of doubt. We assume it's me, telling myself, 'I miss you'. Wishful thinking, right? Not right, it is usually them. So I'll go over a few things about Mediumship that I have discovered over the years, and most importantly what it is like working with those still in the physical world, who have lost a loved one. 

Unlike connecting with higher dimensional beings who are there to help us, who have moved into an evolved space of being a guide by 'graduating' into this ability through experience, and I use that word loosely, people who have passed onto the other side, instead are seeking to either connect, give advice or need assistance dealing with things they are still attached to on the earth plane. Which means they are not yet at a level of consciousness where the work they are doing is at a high level of vibration. They may simply be going through their own processes regarding moving out of the physical world and this is fine too because I also believe any being can become a Guide from the afterlife, we just have to want to.

But how do I know any of this? Through experience of it myself and because I try to pull together evidence by matching what I know, with other people's experiences. But I have to say, I believe everyone can connect! Everyone can do this, if they only learn how. Like channeling, I don't see it as a gift for the privileged few. But I have worked hard at my own skills, through years of meditation and practise, and it seems my light went on. They, on the other side, now see me like a taxi, who is lit up, saying yep, get on in, and let's chat! 

Let's look at how mediumship happens. First of all, they connect when we are in a state of mind that is relaxed and often distracted, but when working with others, this is not helpful so I have learned, through meditation and through reading for others, how to get into this state and use the information, rather than just hear it and then doubt it. What I do is grab onto the thought and then sit with it, follow it like a smell, a good one, like a cake baking in an unseen oven. For example, one lady who had passed on long ago, came to me wanting to connect with her Grandaughter who had just visited her gravesight (which I found out later). She kept showing me the image, or feeling of dressing up in fancy clothes. I sat with this and allowed it to play out. I saw horses, a field with marquees. When I spoke to my friend she said that her Grandmother used to take her to the shows, where they held fashion parades, like the races. So specific imagery and flashes of information is important, but the ability to allow the imagination to flow is essential to opening up that part of our thinking.

The way they dress also that tells me what they did in life and who they are. You see Mediumship requires proof for the person who is receiving the information. If a man comes into my mind (remember most of it happens in the mind) dressed as a builder, or workman, then this is potential evidence. Don't doubt what you get and if you do, then test for proof! One young lady who had very sadly taken her own life, at first was very standoffish, and so I had to put the energy out there, that she could take her time, could trust me, that it was okay. I saw her in jeans, and sandals but I was unsure at the time how to broach this. It was a touchy subject and I am still learning how all this works, so I asked the client questions that I knew would prove to me it was real, such as what did she normally wear, to which she replied, jeans and sandals. Once the proof is given it creates an even greater connection, then I simply open up to everything I am getting, because if one thing was accurate, I then have the confidence to assume the rest will be too, which then increases the psychic connection even more.

Proof that what we get is true and accurate, is what matters, because this builds confidence and the whole experience in itself can be very differerent to interacting with a person in their body. Which means there is always that tense moment where I brace myself for the response of 'no, that's not right'. Things are not easy to clarify as there is a great deal of piecing information together when communicating with them. With a client, for me it takes time to warm up, but as soon as there is some confirmation, things begin to flow. Then after that has begun, I feel what the person passed on feels, what they see, and then the issues that need to be dealt with come up. It's often about reconnecting after death and communicating. This very communication releases any negative attachment, which then frees the person passed on from their ties on earth. All that is needed, is for that spirit to be heard.  

Now the other thing I have developed and rely on, is energy sensitivity. I think this is the skill of any competant medium. I have taught myself what the energy of a being in the non physical realm, feels like, first of all by asking for physical responses to be my geiger counter. I was very specific. I said to my Guides, Maria and Rama, raise my energy level to a point where I felt lightheaded and slightly ill. So they did, and at one point the energy became so strong that I had to sit down, or all down. I then tuned into this feeling and placed a signature energy on it. After a year, I began to manage this by focusing on it every time I channeled or meditated. It soon became something that not only indicated to me they were connecting, but allowed that very connection to strengthen. 

The only problem was, using this for people who had passed on, started to drain me. What I did not realise was they were actually using my Prana, or what some call Chi, life energy, to link in. Whereas light beings energised me because they use their own high vibrational energy. Since then I have had to learn how to shut it off, for the sake of my own sanity. But the feeling of getting a flash of information, then using that to help others heal is beyond any other job satisfaction. But I am still learning and still have a very long way to go.

So to sum up, the connection will not be obvious, it will come in like a thought. Then trust what you get because it will feel like their personality when they were still here, and if you focus it will go straight to the heart, then you will know for sure it is them. Lock into any images and hold them in your mind, then tune into the feeling. Think about them and then listen. Know what energy feels like, what energy from those in the non physical realm is like, in the same way you can when standing next to someone who is happy, or sad. In this way it is the same as interacting in the physical, yet we do not call it energy, we simply say 'I had a feeling you were sad' or 'I sensed something'. But how do we actually know? Well the same way we know when a person passed on is close by, through energy. Energy is everything, it is the wall, it is the newsapaper, it is your child, your house, it is your heart, your feelings, your emotions and your thoughts. All of it is essentially non physical. But that is a whole other kettle of fish. But for now, talk to them out loud, and then relax, and know, that they are only a thought away.








What a strange thing to know the name of your guide for so long, that it becomes an Isness. I first met Rama at 17 years old through a chaneller, called Diana Williams. She lived out in the bush, a very understated woman, yet when he merged with her body, the things I was told have come true. But to me the most signifigant were, that one day I would hear him through meditation and the other that I would go to India. 

I have not gone to India yet, but I have begun to save. In regards to hearing him, this has been happening for years now. But since my awakwening, he has begun to finally include information that I had never asked before, actual proof, and information that I am only ready for now. 

The most recent, other than telling me he was a Sufi when we were in India a very long time ago, that he taught me the 'Mind Of God' during this lifetime when I was his student and that I was to learn 'Freedom from Belief' in this life...

the most recent began with one word;


Then he said, 'This is the other half of me'

I sat in contemplation of this word for days, looking it up on the internet, even asking a friend from school who was born in India, if she knew what the word Chandra meant and was it linked to the word Rama. All I understood was, that it meant 'Moon' and that there was this warrior called Ramchandra?

At this point none of it made sense and so I left it alone assuming I had made it up or heard it somewhere and liked the sound.

Ever the skeptical psychic.

But then Bali happened, the next piece of the puzzle. There was no way without going there, that I would ever have understood the signifigance of the word 'Chandra' let alone 'Rama', my humble guide's name given to me by him through the channeler. But I was to find out later, through life experience and immersion in Bali, that they were linked, in ways I could not truly fathom, being a Westerner.

The first morning in Bali, I sat in a chair while my husband slept and connected with my beloved guide.

He said 'I am here' I said, 'No you're not, this is not India'. But her flew me across the hills and valleys and said 'I permeate this land'.

That day, documented in the article above; 'Ramayana and My Journey to Bali', he was everywhere, and the more I encountered his representation and presence, the more I connected with him in a way I never had in Australia. This is when I began to see the true signifigance of my guide's name, Rama.

It occured to me all that the things he had taught me, since I was a young woman, was reflected in the spirituality of Bali and the people.

Intention, resonance, the moment, the Now, the Vedas, the laws of the Universe.

But it wasn't until our visit to Tanalot, a sacred temple that I saw him as he was, still not knowing it was him. I saw, half in a trance once we had left the temple, my head lolling about from dizziness, the image of a being, with the kindest, dark, wide-open eyes, blue skin and dark hair, coming out of a cloud with a magnificent tree behind it. I thought it was the energy of a deity I had caught a glimpse of, maybe Shakti?

Yet back at home in Australia, I researched more on Rama, and yes I had never really done this before having met him when the internet was not very accesible, or in the consciousness of the masses, and as I read I saw a reference, to a Ramchandra. My heart connected the dots, now that I was finally reading more about his life.

I googled Ramchandra...Images.

There he was, my beloved, in the form of an Avatar from the Hindi spiritual representation of God, the image I had seen after Tanalot. The name Ramachandra or Ramchandra, as I have now researched and understand, means that Rama was given the added name of 'Chandra' because he is an aspect of the spiritual sun, or Christ consciousness, and because it is said he captured the Moon, and the last that the Moon never travels without his wife and in the story of Ramayana, another name for Lord Rama, he refused to leave his wife Sita who was captured by Ravana. Sita is said to represent our consciousness, Rama, is Brama, or God and Ravana, the ego.

It's all rather complicated and spans thousands of years, being connected to the Vedas, but now I understand what it is to connect to a Divine being, to see the beauty in this aspect of divinity. It seems my guide is an aspect of this great energy of Rama. It also very clear to me that the relationships we have with these beings we cannot see, but who help and guide us at every moment, can sometimes define one's life, as his has defined mine. His teachings are scattered throughout my journals that span over two decades of my life. If there is any proof they are real, my life story is that proof. Years later I am still being shown the complexity of the connection Rama has with me.

My Beloved Guide


Does this mean I have become a devout Bhakti follower, no, not at all because he is teaching me freedom of belief, freedom from points of perception, freedom from my own pain through expansion, although it is a lovely idea ; )

In Light





'A spiritual being is not defined by their belief system, rather it is the experience that holds the jewel of growth with no judgement attached. 

When we let go of our belief systems we free our minds, this allows thought to flow with the creator, with the seemless and open expansion of potential.

Let go of your need to believe in something and focus only on the jewel of actual creation.

There is no perspective of right or wrong for we are, at one with all.

You are to move into new growth, do not let old belief systems hold you to an old life, because all changes, at every moment. 

It is beyond this physical world that we live in harmony.

Life is simply an experience in a physical reality that defines...however, the energy is pure.

It is when you densify it, that form takes place, before this, all is formless and lives in a state of potential until it is activated.'