Tarot Reading, Reiki & Pranic Healing & Healing of Energetic Links & Astral Contracts 

This is the absolute of healing, it is the deluxe package. This reading allows me to give you every aspect of guidance and healing you will need to shift major issues, to grow spiritually and to create the catalyst for change that you desire. It is also the part where I get to give you 'The Box' filled with healing tools. But first you may be asking what is an energetic link or contract, well, whether we realise it or not, we experience them every day.

First of all an energetic link is an emotional or mental link based in your astral body that 'links' you to another person, situation or experience through lower vibrational energies. These are tangible, energetic strands that hold you to something through negative feelings such as guilt, resentment, anger, fear in particular, and even lower vibrational forms of love, such as codependence. These are set up by connections we have with other people and can also relate to places, and past events. These lower vibrational links bind us in ways that prevent growth and create suffering in our lives.

The contracts have to do with what we promise, what we give away, what we make ourselves beholdent to and what we cannot follow through with, without there being negative consequences. I have developed what I call the energetic 'Balance Sheet'. This requires sitting down and looking at the links and contracts you have set up, which cause you pain and finding a way to release them through energetic work, action, decision and self awareness.

'The Box' is the final piece in the healing process. I create a gift for you, that has inside the actual box, tools that will help you heal lower vibrational links and contracts, such as vibrational sprays, crystals, smudging sticks and so on, whatever I am guided to create for you as a tailored, individual package of healing. I will also show you how to use these healing tools to support what you have learned during the reading.

This reading is followed by a healing session that will raise your vibration and connect you to non judgement and empathy, which is the path to healing, and fifth dimensional living. So, this deluxe package gives you insight through the tarot, practical solutions through the 'Balance Sheet' and 'The Box', and healing through Reiki and Pranic Healing. This is not a reading one chooses on a whim, because it can be a catalyst for major spiritual growth, so if you are ready then I will be there to support you.

Cost $170

Duration: 2 Hours

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I create vibrational sprays with essential oils for those who require protection, cleansing, balancing, all the things that essential oils and water can heal.

Water holds memory, it holds vibration through it's molecular structure, so by tuning the water using the field of energy emanting from the electromagnetic fields of the crystal grid, I can create a spray that serves a purpose.

This one is for pregnancy!