Tarot Reading Combined With 

Reiki, Pranic Healing & Crystal Healing


Tarot readings on their own serve a great purpose in helping to clarify where we are in life, what is around us and where we are headed. It gives hints and guidelines through the Minor Arcana, as to what behaviour, action and planning best suits our current circumstances. Through the Major Arcana we are given deeper guidance and life path lessons. The Major cards indicate what stage of learning we have reached and what emotional and mental blocks need to be removed in order for us to progress in our lives.

But sometimes this is not enough, sometimes we need more, we need healing of the emotional body and astral body, healing of the auric field. This is the energy that keeps us alive, the energy that dictates what we experience, the field that draws to us through resonance, that which will define our existence and is affected by our thoughts, emotions and experiences. This is where Reiki, Pranic Healing and Tarot combined become a vehicle for growth, as together they deal with the practical aspects of our lives as well as the aspects that we often neglect, our energy bodies.

I have completed Reiki Courses One and Two, as well as Advanced Pranic Healing under the guidance of Dr Hazel Wardha through the Melbourne Pranic Healing organisation. I also connect with guides and higher dimensional beings and Angels during healing, although my connection wih the Angelic realm is entirely up to them, as they seem to choose how it happens. The combination is the key, you see what I aim to do is give you the information you need from your higher self and guides, through tarot, then work with shifting the energetic blocks through energy healing. Sometimes it is not enough to just 'know', we have to work with the very stuff we are made of, vibration, light, and colour, or what I call Source energy, in order to make that learning long lasting and stable. 


I heal through connecting with light beings for guidance,

some of Angelic origin, others Ancient Beings connected to Gaia,

some from beyond our planet, connected to the blue star; Sirius

Cost: $120


Approx 2  Hours for Clairvoyant Tarot Reading and Energy Healing


To request a reading or healing call Bronwyn on 0437-750-622

OR CLICK HERE to book via this website


Payment on arrival is happily accepted,

just let me know through the booking process

via the message board and ignore the PayPal option.


Blue Star Healing Room


I use Reiki Healing & Pranic Healing energy techniques,

clairvoyant connection with guides and Angels, crystals grids, crystal healing tools,

feather smudging with Sage, guided meditation techniques,

singing bowls and of course, Tarot....


First of all before a client arrives I spend time in meditation. On this particular day I was expecting a client I had already seen for a reading. She was to return to me for further work, shifting of blocks, spirituality 3.0 kind of stuff, so I expected the session to be a tarot reading, more Major Arcana work and nutting out ways to transmute the Archetypal shadow aspects into light, but.....

this was not to be. 

Because when I began to meditate, he appeared in my mind's eye, and through energy triggers, made his presence known.

You see I feel nauseuos when they come in, my head spins, and my stomache clenches like a preganancy contraction.

In that moment I just sat still, and allowed it happen, no doubting.

He was gentle and quiet, green, and said only, Raphael.

No Archangel title, just Raphael. He then showed me a green triangle.

I breathed it in, came back into my body, felt my legs and face, then immediately thought, 'Yeah right, good one'. 

I got up and the skeptic kicked in. I knew nothing about this Angel other than a few Youtube channelings I had listened to about ascension, and although I had made a connection with Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael, this being was a stranger to me.

And they are, until we connect with them on a personal level. That is apparently, how it works....

I try not to research spiritual topics until I'm urged to, and so I had no idea, all I knew was that my client did have a need to physically heal, and had been to healers. So I researched, and found that this Angel worked with healing the physical body! Yep that was a definate connection, but the symbol he had impressed upon me, that he said was for my client, was too clear in my mind to dismiss as a vague creation on my part.

So I researched this, "Archangel Raphael, Green Triangle, and clicked Images", fearful I would get nothing, but I did not, this came onto the iPad screen in the first search....


 This symbol was channeled by Nicola Tonsager, (The Angel Garden). Except for the spiral, the triangle was exactly what I had pictured in my mind, not only that, it was a Shambala Reiki symbol for healing, not just a random sketch or design.

So when my client arrived she found not a table with cards in a pile, but a soft mattress with a blanket and pillow and crystals in a bowl instead. And so the healing began. He told me to go to her feet while he positioned behind her head and I sat for a time while he did the work after I had opened her using the symbol on every chakra

But it was her! She was the connection, he was there for her, not to connect with me. I am honoured to have been part of the meeting.

This type of healing is something I look forward to doing more of, because after the healing, began the reading, to work out how to shift things energetically, in order to heal physically.

Because that is what I am good at, and this is how it works. We remove the energetic blocks,  through combining Tarot and Reiki, and the physical healing follows!

Thank you to my client for allowing me to share this beautiful experience.

In Light and Love.

Blue Star


(Just for the record, even thought this was the first symbol to pop up on that day from my search, I have had to seek it out since then, as it has not just appeared on command)





Pranic Healing Certificates



It was Master Chao Koi Sui who charged my throat chakra which led me to hearing Rama, he was by coincidence visiting Hazel Ward's Pranic Healing course at the time.