Blue Star Tarot's 

Up coming Monthly Workshops

are held on a Wednesday 

in the Blue Star Healing Room


Next Blue Star Tarot Workshop and Clairvoyant Development

On Request for Groups 


For details and enquiries in 2018 

call 0437-750-622 0r email me at

We will be learning

  • how to read tarot with the true signature energy of every card
  • how to read with the assistance of Guides, our Higher Self, and Light Beings
  • and how to understand the energy behind reading, as well as developing empathic abilties
  • working with oracle cards and traditional tarot is included, because the two togther create a balanced reading
  • Cost $40 for 3hrs


 Blue Star Healing Room


Ready for Tarot, good company and Chai Tea

(I can provide more chairs if people prefer not to sit on the cushions)