The Druids


I had been channeling information about the Persian Magi which then connected somehow to the Druids.

A new guide I have called Zoroaster, who came to me through a guide who called himself Babak, a Persian Warrior, began to teach me about Light and Dark, about Right Action.

This was very much the same as what Rama had been teaching me for a long time, that is Dharma.

(Right action or Dharma is eccential to following our soul's chosen path for this physical life. It allows our guides to work with us as they place experiences and lessons we need in our reality through right action. It means we cannot miss the boat, it means when we follow right action we live Karma free, on the path of light)

It had all been coming together, all of the ancient words I was given during meditation led me deeper into the spiritual history of mankind,

beginning with Rama and India, leading to the pyramids, Ta Khut and Isis, to Ancient Persia, Zoroastrianism, the Kabbala, the Tree of Life, the Magi, Chaldeans, Phoenicians and of course, all of it based around Sufism.

All of what I was being taught centered around Sufism,

no religion, no set belief system, just connection with Source, love of Nature and the understanding that the reality I knew was not THE reality.

Then after this deepening connection to the other side, the word, Druid, kept coming up during meditation when Zoroaster came through.

He put the two words, Magi and Druid togther and said 'cross consciousness'.

He said the Druids and Magi knew about the stars, could pinpoint events to come, knew about time, nature and the elements and that they were inventors of all things, but this felt more like they understood the mechanics behind forces.

This was magic of a different kind, it was nature connected.

So then one night when my husband was away.......


I fell asleep about 11pm, hubby out for the night, I had been receiving information about what my guides called the Magi. Then references to the grey beards who were the Druids. I was told these two were linked, a cross consciousness of sorts.

Then I woke up. I was in a dark forest not in my body, not dreaming. It was dark and as I looked up the rain fell on my face. I felt it as though it were part of me. It was all hyper-real, more real than when I was in my body. I saw I was surrounded by a grove in a semi-circle. In the distance was a path, with a light in the dark. Thatwas the way back. I looked to my left, feeling it all, the plants the smell of earth, the trees.

As I connected with the plants, the tree to my left had fallen, its root system uprooted out of the earth. 'Man did this,' it said as it lifted one huge branch up, like a hand, to catch the rain. I felt the rain and tree speak to one another. 'Man did this,' it said again and I felt as a human, I had to leave.

I moved toward the light, but then could not go there. I was drawn to the right into the darkness.

Then a shock went through my body in bed like a defibulator and I lifted off the ground in that place and felt them, the Druids surround me, protecting me.

The peace of letting go was pure bliss, being bodiless. It was all true, it was real, as I'd hoped.

'The Druids will get me home,' I said and I moved through the night air.

They placed me down in front of a stone gate and then snap I was back in my body lying in bed. I lay still as I was still coming out, then as I merged properly I sat up.

Since that night I feel nature as though it is them, the Druids speaking to me, as though I am part of it all, the trees the plants, it is all sacred.


Connecting with The Druids



During my meditation I asked this question to my new group of beings....

How do you work with the shadow self? 
'You give it opportunities to become light
They are one in the same, interchangeable, but like anything that is focused on, it grows
Grow the light by nurturing its nature. let this shine forth and it will bring forth more light.
As light and dark are in fact varying colors of creation and any of these colors have qualities that can be enhanced upon by the light forces, or the dark, depending on which way you present with them. 
you can do this, as you can become very good at interchanging emotions. 
It is emotional alchemy we speak of, it is wizardry of the heart, exchanging one for the other, alchemising one into the other within the form of one element as they are one, yet interchangeable within themselves, as much the same as your emotions. you can be angry and violent and in the next breath loving and kind depending on how you alchemize your heart, your color, 
do not replace one with the other, this is impossible. simply transmute one into the other.  
Yes this is a process 
As we did with the Barbarian nature we alchemised their hearts before battle, we exchanged one for the other through our knowledge of the human heart. 
the light is dark, the dark can easily become light given the opportunity and the right conditions. but just as easily light can turn to dark as rapidly as day gives way to night when the sun sets.
We work with the light of the gods, the beings who are the creators of this realm of all that is, we embrace their light and work with those, the deities, that are still yet divine but dark in nature, we understood their role and so sacrificed to appease them, a much misunderstood undertaking by those observing without knowledge of what we were doing.
the dark has its place and can be worked with as easily as the light, yet to remain in the light is to be aware of the dark but maintain one's purity and this is done through, as Zoroaster put it pure thought pure deeds pure words, right action. which was not what others would deem to be right this is the complexity of this realm 
We work with the elements and with the light'







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I was told by Rama and Kachina this statement

"This is not THE reality."

They emphasised 'the' and impressed upon me that what I think, when I feel very human, that this is all there is, need not be true.

Even though I crave proof in the physical, they cannot constantly give it, because their reality is not set in density.

All they can do is work with me through energy, thoughts, feelings, and the sychroncity of life and matter.










As I walked through the bush near Badger Weir in Healesville, I asked the elementals to show themselves, half hoping, half feeling like an idiot talking to herself. After years of learning, I can feel them now, in certain areas of bushland, which means I become a little dizzy, or nauseous. But I never really understood how they would appear to a human in physical form until today, when I was drawn to this tree. I took a photo then looked at the image on the camera screen, a face, a feminine face seemed etched into the hollow. 

Is this how they show themselves, through the twists and turns of wood and fern? Some may think not, it is just a trick of the eye, or the shape of the tree. But one thing is for sure, this will either bring out the skeptic in you, or the  inner child. I think most would love to believe there is a realm of Faeries and Sylphs, the elementals that live among us, unseen, in a world just beyond the borders of this one. But it's kind of like the space we sit in as a child when we know for sure that Santa exists and then a child in the playground announces it has been our parents all along. In that moment the magic is gone. 

Is there magic in our world, or we are just too conditioned to step outside of what we know to be real, in fear of being disappointed? I think after all I have heard and experienced myself, I can no longer assume there is nothing more than to life than the physical world I see. I will always believe in the unseen elements that help create a world that we take for granted.









Plants & Their Energy

Every plant has a purpose, every tiny little plant on every inch of this planet, none excluded. Even the design of their leaves is not left to chance by nature. As I tune my empathic skills and watch the energy of plants, around the leaves especially, I am astonished at how it works. The energy of this fern for example, skips from one leaf to the next along it's length, like a ripple from leaf to leaf. It looks to me like heat waves that come off a tin roof, but there is no heat, only a soft pulse that moves like water or air. The way plants communicate is soft and subtle. There is a stillness to it. It is not the same as how one's guide would connect, with thoughts of inspiration that flash into your mind with quick and sudden clarity, rather it is calm and flows in, feels peaceful. I'll give you an example.

I had just bought a new fern and placed it on top of a set of box shelves in the bathroom. Yet over a short period of time parts of the fern began to wither, despite sections on the top growing quite well. I could not figure out why. Perplexed one day I sat on the loo, (I know, but it's true) looking at it's leaves when I felt an impression pass into my mind, of not happy, not sad, not good, not bad. Over and over this repeated in my mind. I looked closer and saw waves that were not from the energy of the plant. I felt a sort of confirmation like a 'yes, yes'. This is when I realised they were actual heat waves. When I turned my head to the left following the source, I saw that the ducted heating was angled in a direction blowing right onto the plant sitting high up on the shelves. 

Then came the moment of realisation, the heat from the ducted heating, pointing right onto the fern, was drying out the leaves. After collecting myself together I promptly moved the plant to the other side of the shelving and after a week or two the fern began to flourish. Like I said the communication is subtle, it is peaceful and connects with a part of us that is still and knowing.

Look closer at the picture I took of the hollow in the tree. My child says she can see the figure of a tiny bearded man, holding a walking stick, hidden within the face of the female. 










Sitting in a Yum Cha restaurant with my family is not the kind of place I would expect to have an experience. First let me say this, I am attached to my guide. I am the student who constantly turns to their teacher and feels distressed at the thought of not having their support, because I lost it once. He said, it is time for me to go, to move into the background, and you must now live what I have taught you. So I was alone. But he 'came back', (although he never really left I found out later), after something in me had shifted, so one day, when I was sitting, meditating, he popped in and laughed, as though he had never left. He showed me an image of himself as an old, skinny Rama, and then as a young, tall Rama with long arms. We have since resummed my 'education' on metaphysics.

I have settled into this quiet happily. But when the Sirian group came in, only recently, and I saw that Kachina, as I call her, had been there, waiting for me to connect with her for many years, I slowly learned to juggled the two energies. You see my life long guide, Rama, and my Sirian teachers hold a very different energy. He is grounded and feels peaceful, they are electric and blue and make me feel ill! So you can imagine my suprise when another female being came into my space in the middle of lunch at a Chinese restaurant. I sat talking with my husband and suddenly felt dizzy. I felt pulled into a sort of vortex in front of me where, in my mind's eye, I could see a beautiful, light female figure. She was light, actually. I could not take my eyes from that space. I felt that if I turned my head I would lose the link. So I just stared. My son said 'Mum'. But I couldn't look at him, I only saw her.

In a daze I followed my family out of the restaurant. I could still feel her with me. The energy was positively nauseating, but I live in this world and have to act normal, no matter what is happening to me psychically. Anyway, we arrived at my sister-in-law's house to say hello to her four month old baby girl. She rested on her mum's shoulder facing us. As I went to say hello, I felt the energy increase and when my face was not too far away from hers something dropped, a veil dropped and I felt it, my niece felt it. In that moment she jolted and made a very un-baby like screech. Her mum was suprised to say the least, exclaiming her baby girl had never cried like that before. I knew she had seen her. She had seen the female being behind me. It was as though she had been shocked with energy. My niece settled quiet happily and my husband joked that she had seen the being hanging around me.

At home, later in the evening I could not move. I lay in bed thinking I had food poisoning. My body was hot, I felt restless and exhausted. My family were not sick. I can't remember much, other than lying in bed. The next day I went for my usual walk to ground myself, out near Badger Weir in the bush. I began, one foot in front of the other, breathing in the fresh air, I am so lucky, ten minutes from my house, how brilliant. As I walked she came in and said she was going to teach me 'the ropes'. I guess this was my funny way of interpretting her impression. She said I was like a child with a toy, that I needed to be taught how to work with the new energy and she would now be my main guide! What?! She said that Rama, and in my mind's eye I could see her gesturing to him, would be there, helping me, but he was not  experienced in actual healing. (I am still not sure what this meant.)

I kept walking then lay down on a log in an area rather like a fairy space. She said she had come in at this point in time, that she had come in at many points in time and they were all happening now. She could see which time to come in and connect with me. So although this was new to me, it was merly a split second from the moment in my twenties to now, for her. They were like portals of time activation. I became distracted and began to worry I could not do it all, so as I moved my thoughts to this, she said, it is a negative frequency and to straighten this energy out, use crystals as they align the energy to a crystaline structure and reoragnise the negative energy. I kept walking, always wanting proof. I wanted something to prove I was not nuts, as I always do, so I asked where she was from. She said she was Elohim. I asked her name and she then said, Naria. I googled in the bush, all three, 'Lady From The Light, Elohim and Naria and found a channeling from a complete stranger, no one known, someone like me. It was called Sirian Heaven, it was about Maria from the Elohim, from Mexico. Maria, she said, and emphasised the aria, with an 'm'. Maria. Oh, right I thought. Sometimes when a person passed on comes in, I get their height or age wrong. In this case it was a sound. She said now you must listen to me, I will teach you how to heal and have compassion. 

So I'll keep working with the new energy and try not to vomit! I have enough help now to do okay as a lightworker, surely. But I have to state, that this is happening to people all around me. I might meet someone, who in the past I assume would not be interested in spiritulality, yet they too talk about new guides coming in, connections with beings outside of our reality. The Guides, Angels, Inter-dimensional beings, the Elohim, the list goes on, are all doing a lot of work in their dimension to assist us. I for one, cannot do it by myself, as my perspective is limited and what I know is from them (higher self included), not me. I have a hard enough time trying to get my kids to school!

 Forever searching for proof,  this week I found it. I woke up to her hovering above me. And no, I could not see her like I see actual people, but I saw her in my mind's eye and felt it, the same light headedness. She said "We are the light of mankind.". So in a daze from the energy I typed these very words into the biggest resource at my fingertips, once you sort out all the rubbish, and found this odd website. As soon as I read another person refer to their own decision to call her Lady from the Light, I thought maybe it is real.

The Prayer Of The Amoure Of God - Angel Essence House



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There is only one way connect when staying with family for Christmas, that is, sit in the back of the car and meditate. My car is not so bad, four wheel drive, big back area, easy to fit my green, sponge, mattress in, red pillow and blankets. Park it near the barn at six am before the others wake up, and disappear into the realms of the unseen. Being around family really 3D's me. It yanks me back into my body with a thud while I try to navigate old feelings of being a child, feeling a little lost, same old dynamics, yuk. Still I seek out the spaces in moments here and there, where I am pulled into that feeling of peace and knowing.

Lately I have been experiencing a connection with the Angelic realm, one I used to think was not real, belonged only to Christians, was too 'foofy', I guess over simplified, not like the experiences with my spirit guide, who is complex and intelligent. I used to judge this realm, for want of a better explanation. But since last year, I do not judge any longer. What I now know about the Archangels, and the Angels mentioned less in literature, is that they usually come into your life for a purpose or they come in and link due to a signifigant experience, event or need. Not only that, it is their signature energy they can be recognised by, and this signature energy defines how they work with us and what their healing qualities and abilities are.

Colour is what I get, then a sense of either clairty, gentlenss, a heart based feeling, or a sense of purification. Archangel Michael comes in when I need truth, but I met this Angel through an experience where someone else had called him in. It was the same with Archangel Raphael, he came for the purpose of healing another. I see the colour first, then feel their signature energy, then words come in, or impressions much like Rama, my spirit guide's way of communicating, one big clump that slowly filters in over a period of an hour. 

It was on Christmas Eve day, in my car, in the back space facing out into the open, away from my sleeping family, parents, children, siblings, that I felt this being come in, so soft, so beautiful, pastel and kind. This being showed me animals, plants, the bush, trees, and so I heard the name Uriel, or at least I thought I did. But when I focused on the name, repeated it over in my mind the energy of soft pastel pulled back and in came fire, spark, orange, not the least bit relaxing!

Confused I got up and prepared myself for my daily walk in the bush, my grounding tool. Shutting the back door, all I could sense was the soft pastel and all I could see were the animals. I have since learned that Angels work with the elementals, as the organisers, the orchestrators of physical reality that holds the God particle, the workers of energy specific to any given aspect of creation. So I stayed with that and assumed that this being helped with the plant and animal kingdom, but I was still perplexed by the name, Uriel, it just did not feel right, all that fire energy, so I walked and saw this.....

I watched an interview once of a woman who connected with Angels. She said they can appear as a sunrise, in nature. Maybe, but I did not think so at the time. I went back to the house and when things were quiet for a brief moment I googled Uriel, wrong colour, wrong energy, and then I understood why, when I focused on his name, I felt fire. It was not the being who had come to me. Christmas day, I went for a walk with my husband and found a clump of quartz crystal half buried in the dirt. I dug it up and looked closely, it was rose quartz, I had never found rose before. Delighted I tucked it into my water bottle bag.  On arriving home my daughter gave me her Angel cards as a present, she said she felt I needed them more than her. Touched I read the booklet and there she was, Ariel, the soft pinkinsh, blue pastel, and her role, working with the plant and animal kingdom, her stone, rose quartz. Then she came in as I went outside to the car and sat. She had been  connecting with me since I had started walking in the bush, since I had begun to connect again with nature. 

The rose quartz was a gift. Lightheaded and uplifted I rejoined the family, knowing a little more about this unfamiliar realm of Angelic beings and thinking maybe it was the Angel that pierced through the trees that morning. 








A Transcribe

Below is a transcribe from a recording I made after a massive shift, download, connection, whatever you want to call it, with both Rama and Kachina which was so confronting, I could not write. Instead I had to put down here, word for word, unchanged, what I recorded during my morning walk after a very long meditation, which felt like a few minutes. So here it is, warts and all......apologies if it does not make a lot of sense.

"There is no linear time. It is a construct made up by man. At each moment, we don't even follow a path, we simply, through our own constructs of the physical 3D, are set up to believe that there is linear and so we think we are following a path, when in actual fact what we are doing is being created in each moment with a given signature energy around us, that we are in, in that moment. And as a human being, the way we work is, we construct these ideas around why we're in that moment and how we sit in that moment, and what brought us there, it's actually false. We're not actually...we don't actually follow a linear path, we are created in each moment anew and the only thing that holds us in an energy, is energy, and it has a pattern that is linked....has a pattern that has been formulated by that signature moment based on the constructs we set up and that is why we exist in that moment.


There is no linear time, things don't thread from one thing to the other. It is all one. So I said what about the consequences? And the consequences aren't so much that there are no consequences, there is only everything that forms who we are. So because everything forms who we are, it's all like a tapestry within our soul that is always there.


Which means that at each moment, every energy is held within the moment created. And it's all interconnected, not linear. So each moment isn't seperate unto itself, because it's all connected. It's not linear though, in that it doesn't thread from one thing one thing to the next, instead it is...a construct of time that holds that moment, holds that energy. But because everything's energy, nothing is truly stuck, or solid. But the signature energy is what defines the experience in the physical. So in the physical the signature energy, based on our soul's progress and our soul's learning, is what defines the experience. So, when we are actually outside of time and creating at each moment, outside of time, and consciously focused on one point, (which is where the physics of singularity comes in, for somehow it's like a torodial flowing in and out constantly, always connected) maybe that point of singularity is where each moment is experienced in. But all the other energy is interconnected (3.27).

So this is what I got in the meditation this morning, it went for over an hour. So which means, in terms of consequences, in terms of the past and present, past and future, there is no consequence that is formulated from a linear perspective, other than the energy that we create with, at each moment. This is interconnected with the soul's growth and learning at that 'time'. Well not even at that time, it's just what we accumulate, it's like we're constantly growing, expanding and changing. Nothing stays set. They have proven that energy, if you try and hold it down, will find some way to burst out. And so energy is never stuck, that, I think is the main principle, the basis of creation. Energy is never stuck and never stays in one form.


And so because of that, because it's never stuck and never stays, when we create at each moment, everything is new, all the time. That's why no day ever feels the same. Even if the same thing happens day in day out. It never stays the same. In terms of other people, we all have an agreement, to age, to interact, in the physical. Which means that opposition meets opposition, and force meets force. Now this has nothing to do with being created at each moment, but in the third dimensional agreement in the matrix we agree to be in, we abide by the rules, because that is how our physical brains are designed. They are constructed, so we are able to construct energy into matter. Our physical eyes have been designed to interpret energy into matter and so we are bound by that physicality. Which is what we agreed to when we came in here. So when I look at actual trees and shit, and hear things, it's actually energy, but my physical brain and eyes, based on my evolution as a human being, are trained to see it as the physical, where as, it is actually not. (7.07)


Thank God for quantum physics, it's proven that it's not physical, that matter is energy. E=MC Squared, Einstein's theory, that theory shifted everything, changed everything, that one epiphany. That was from Source. So because my brain is constructed to see physical matter and it is based in duality and opposition, when somone else's energy meets mine, two opposing forces connect and interact, and repell. That's the nature of it. So when someone's angry or in a low vibration, stuck in a  very heavy non comprehending, low consciousness, and they don't see things for what they are, and they are very much in the third dimensional headspace, they see everything as an opposition. (8.22) They see things as oppositional. But what they don't realise is, it's a construct that we've created, and yes there are rules we have to abide by, but it's only the Gurus and Enlightened ones that have figured out how to disconnect from that, unplug from the matrix I guess they have. But we are actually living inside energy that's expressed outwardly into physical matter.


So in terms of consequences, and the past and pain and suffering, and future fears and everything, there's no such thing. There is no such thing, because at any given moment, if we change our thinking and our thought patterns, the energy changes.


We can't change others. That's a hard and fast rule. I think there is a really big, misconstrued concept, that because we are all one, it may be misunderstood, that we can control others. But because we are all one, we inter-react, and I don't think it's about not having individuality, because in near death experiences, people who have passed onto the other side and come back, have met people they knew and connected with them, not just that they have actually experienced the other person's being, and I know that when I'm reading for someone, I sense everything about them, their loves and hates, their fears. I feel what it is like for them. And it doesn't mean when this happens, I am that person. We are individual points of light. We are expressions of God, sparked off into individual experiences. But the hologram still applies you see, so whatever I experience, whatever I change, affects everything else around me. It affects other people, so we all affect each other, hence why we need to work together. Because although I am not someone else's point of consciousness, the two cannot occupy the one space, we still experience each other's consciousness. I can channel, or experience another person's consciousness. And I know other people who can do it. 


Which means we cannot, therefore, completely affect another through controlling them, but simply through changing ourselves and changing our experience. And because it is a hologram, we affect other people's experience. So the hologram is the key, that's how we grow and change, through affecting others because we change, therefore we change the whole hologram.


So given that, at each moment in the creation, we are an energy pattern, and that pattern is expressed in the physical, and that pattern changes and morphs at every moment and can be anything. I guess the restrictions lie in our physical brains and as Kachina said to me "You cannot with your physical brain comprehend our dimension". It's just beyond anything we can actually construct with our linear brains. That's why dreams aren't linear, then when we come back in (to our bodies) we try and construct them into linear. But they're not and that's why dreams seem so weird.


And so in this meditation today I feel as though the whole world has opened up to me. I feel my mind has been blown and therefore the insecurities, what's linked to the past doesn't exist. Past consequences exist only through my expression of myself into physical matter, so if I have had a child, that is an experience that I have had, therefore it is expressed outwardly in my energy pattern, into the physical. So my soul has experienced having a child therefore I express that outwardly in my physical, whatever is experienced in the soul is expressed outwardly in the physical, unless we shift that energy before it manifests into physical form, but, my child is an independent soul, a being unto herself and so is my son, and so therefore that cannot be undone because they have chosen to have their experience, so we're all interconnected. But I am not them, they are not me.


That's the thing that has always pissed me off and confused me, because I am not my child, I am a point of consciousness of my own singularity, and yes, I am one with them, because all energy is interconnected and everything is one and the same, but I am not actually them, they are not me. Outside of the physical, where there is no point of reference, then I imagine yes, my consciousness merges with their's, and it becomes one whole thing, but it's still my consciousness merging with their consciousness. Maybe that's another level that I don't understand, and I don't need to, because I know that I have been sent forth, by Source, to have an experience as a physical human being, and probably elsewhere as well (Silara), and my spark, my soul, my Oversoul, is a being unto itself and yet it is Source energy, and so my past, and my future, is only set by the energy that I choose to express in that moment. And yes everything is an expression of me already existing, because I am plugged into the three dimensional matrix, therefore I agree to linear time, therefore there are consequences in terms of what I can cope with thinking wise. I'm not advanced enough to step outside my own mind and completely shift my reality. But the point is that there is no real time. This is not THE reality. This is a construct. And as I sit here, I watch the trees move, everything, move around me, it is all energy.


And so all those feelings of inadequecy and like I'm not good enough, it doesn't exist, because at each moment, the creation of energy is an Isness. There is no judgement. It just Is. It is, an experience, and as Rama has said, in every moment is a jewel there to be discovered, and that's the trick isn't it. It sounds so hokey but that's the trick, there is a jewel in every moment. Because when you look outside of linear time there are no real consequences or punishement, or hatred, or fear, there isn't any and that's why everthing is as it should be, because there is no other way for it not to be.


There is no real physical world. It's not real. It only feels real because of the way this matrix is set up. So there is contrast and opposition, so my foot touches the ground, and by the laws of nature it is said, it is set by the Divine Matrix, by Source, that the two shall not merge. My foot will be resistant to the ground. As I step my foot resists the ground because matter expresses itself in that way. So what Rama taught me ages ago, that moment to moment we are created anew, this is a whole new level to that, in that, at each moment, it's not even linear. It's not that I am creating at each moment on a linear path. We choose to be in a specific moment that is not even connected on a path. There Is No Path. That's the trip of this meditation today, there is no path. It is all 'right Now', and each moment, in which I sit, is the soul expressed outwardly into the physical and defined by the energy of that moment, of where my soul is at spiritually, where it is at, in it's expansion. You see it's expansion. Expansion moves outwards, there is no one path, it just goes out in a spherical form.


And so this is what has blown me away this morning. Nothing is linear, nothing is linear. It's all a construct, it's all make believe, it's all a reality that's been created for us to exist in a physical way so there is contrast. There is no actual path, you just stand in one point, in time, no linear path, all existing and being created, all the time, at every moment, expanding out. So how to do I function in this third dimensional construct, well my brain has been designed to turn energy into matter. Before my very eyes I see matter that is actually energy. And so this world is a construct created by my brain for me to experience physical life, as a spiritual being, and I think Rama has totally taught me this today."


I share this meditation because we are not bound by fate, nor are we stuck.

We can shift it all, starting with the moment we are in Now.

In Light and Love 

Blue Star


Click Here - The Illusions of Reality: Life, Death and Time - Anthony Peake

This is facinating if you love metatphysics as I do....



 Lady From The Light





Maria, or Naria as I like to call her since it was the sound 'aria' that I heard first, told me that 'they', the Elohim, are 'The Light of Mankind'. I said what does that mean? She said that they create, and have done since the creation of our Universe, the human form through light, and keep that form held in existence within the earthly realm, through light. She said that we are light and that they are charged with the role of maintaining the light form of all beings and do this for the earthly realm as well, working with the elementals, with the plants and the animals. She said that after the fall of man it was the Elohim that rebuilt the light bodies of those who remained on earth after the destruction. They pulled the light back into the earth dimension, or from what I could see, they 'lifted up man' and rebuilt their energetic bodies along with the earth's. But the light bodies they rebuilt were not the original soul, rather they were the etheric blueprints, which was the same for the plants and animals.

She explaines that we are light, but we are also sound. Then I saw the higher dimensional beings we call Angels, in my mind's eye and recalled that people have claimed they sing. Eben Alexandra for one said when he died, that he heard the Om, or called it the Great Om. I researched this concept and found that in relation to the scientific side of it, light Is sound, but at a higher vibration. Then if I put together the fact that all things, all matter is made from the same stuff, electrons, protons and neutrons, all whizzing about, held together by an essentially unknown force, then imagine if this matter, which is energy, was light and that light had to be held in creation by something and that something were, the Elohim.

So if sound is light, at a low vibration and matter is energy, in a lower vibrational form, then what if sound is what actually sustains our physical bodies?

Isn't it all resonance, all frequency? What if every single thing were a frequency. This would mean there are no bondaries other than what we block out or refuse to tune in to. What if all thoughts permeated everything just as micro-waves do, just as the internet does?

She showed me light, a light that held the human form in it's place within this realm. One huge matirx of light vibrating at different frequencies. 

I know this all sounds kind of, muddled, jumping from one idea to the other, but I feel it in my gut that somehow they are interconnected, light, sound, the human form, matter, energy. Somehow they all relate in connection to the Elohim, to us as light beings. Why do we just assume we are different to all the other particles out there, that appear then dissappear into nowhere, unable to be tracked by scientists. Why don't we question how it is that information we can't see, travels from our iPad to our computer, why do we not see that we work the same, as transmitters of energy and information. We are all clairvoyant.

The point of all this, the reason she shared this with me, is because I had felt disconnected on that day. Seperate, which is why she said the quote above, how can you be seperate from the very thing that creates you? She wanted me to see that I was light, that she was a transmitter of that light for Source, a kind of 'go-between', and that I was not alone. In fact I was like her child..... A child of Light. The Elohim are not to be defined by any religion. They are beings that are not to be labelled. They are simply there, as higher dimensional guides, caring for humanity and Mother Earth.


One morning after a meditating, I went to change the track on my iPhone for the final 13 mins when I noticed it was lighty covered in a golden coloured dust, a soft dust, like the dust from incense, which is what I initially thought it was. But I had been touching the screen on my phone on and off, for just under an hour and this dust had appeared just before the end of that hour. If it had occured during the start, I would have disrupted the layering with a finger swipe, but it had not been disturbed and I was under cover, in a dome chair, surrounded by a mosquito net and an Indian blanket wrapped around the outside of the chair, with the phone resting glass side up, on the blanket. But I shrugged it off, well, wiped it off, got into the car and drove out into the bush for my early morning walk. As I hiked down the track, the sun came out. I looked up and saw a light dust falling through a small tree, through the sunlight, the same as the dust I had on my phone, same colour, same appearance. I looked to see if the tree had been shaken by the wind or a bird, but it was still. I held my phone up and let the particles gently fall on the glass. It formed a layer, exactly the same as the dust from before during my meditation, same texture, same colour, a light golden brown. The odd thing was, I had been connecting with Maria the whole time and so as I looked at the dust particles settling neatly on the glass, I said, 'Is this you?', and she said, as she had before, in the same gentle way...

'From dust, you were made'.



Sacred Light Beings.... The Elohim

I have found after months of researching, another source, which for me confirms my connection with these light beings.

After having received information from Maria, the Elohim Lady From The Light, that I needed to use crystals to restructure my energy field to reconfigure negative thought forms, and that the Elohim have a deep connection with crystals, that they are the creators of the human form through light, and after not having any idea about this group of beings, I feel even more uplifted and not so much questioning, 'Is It Real?', as I am a skeptic at heart! Phew...

 Here is that source, who is not a renowed spiritualist, but the information matches.

Click Here: Creation, Elohim & Sacred Crystal Work


After watching this I understand it now. After my own interaction, I was so convinced that the Elohim created us through light. On the morning Maria came through as I lay in bed, before my family had woken up, she said to me 'The Light of Mankind', refering to us, or them now that I think about it, and showed me Atlantis, the fall of mankind and the Elohim rebuilding the structure of the human light bodies. She placed an image in my mind of darkness swirling around the planet and the pain caused by the breaking of massive crystals that held Gaia's gridlines in place. She also said to me later that the sacred sights, pyramids and megaliths were built to hold the new gridlines in place, so that Mother Earth could start to heal, aside form the fact that this prevented her from being completely destroyed.

Now regarding the light aspect, I have a theory......that photons are signifigant to our existence in that they, and the electrons, hold our bodies in existence through their constant interaction.

Electrons absorb photon light, so what if the photon light particles had a geometric structure to them, and this is what the human body absorbed.

Which means the quality of the photon light energy package was essential to our wellbeing. Absorb photons that emanated from a broken microwave and you get sick. Absorb photon light from the Sun just at the right time of day, and your wellbeing is filled with healing light, and magnified by these light packages.

Maria said we are made from Divine light, a light that they hold in place or 'manage' for want of a better word. In terms of pure physics, wouldn't it make sense if the electrons absorbing the light energy was a process that created our bodies. 

What if it were the photons being absorbed, or the 'light energy packages', that kept us alive, therefore the quality of them is crucial?

Here is another theory. What if light were geometrically structured.

What if the light that the Elohim held in place or created, through Source, the light of our beings, had a geometric structure. Even more so, what if we are sound at a low vibration, with a geomertric structure that was like a note or a chord and that sound held us in place, but raise the vibration of that sound and our bodies become light, based on the geometric structure of sound, hence the light beng geometrically structured.

Any feed back dear physicists out there in the ether??!!!!