About The Author

My name is Bronwyn Steventon...

Recently I made the decision to collect all my material, all the notebooks and journals containing documentation of how tarot played out in my life and those around me, and begin writing the tarot book I had planned to write since I was twenty two. Although I am a teacher by trade, tarot has always been a passion, a consistent presence, reflected by the silk covered pack of cards sitting in the bottom of my bag, there 'just in case' someone needed guidance. I have worked as a tarot reader on and off for over twenty years while I travelled, studied, married, created a family, a home, stability, but my spiritual life and tarot has always been a priority. Now that I have written Tarot: The Holistic Approach, I decided it was time to follow this passion wholeheartedly and devote myself to the art of tarot using my own manuscript. It then dawned on me that I had the ability to teach others what I know because, I am a registered teacher and I love teaching, but the difference was I could now use my own work, my own writing as a teaching tool. It is my interpretation, my experience that comes through the book, so why not use this to show others how to do what I have learned to do. So I have developed a course, created a workbook that matches my tarot book, this web page and here I am, reaching for the stars, hoping to make tarot my true purpose, plus keep teaching on the side, because I am also passionate about education.

I have a direct connection with my guides, which took years to develop, and have begun to write a second book on metaphysics, manifestation and creation. I hope to self publish this book and make it available to those who are interested in taking their spirituality further. I am all about practicality, living in duality, but rising above the day to day drama through the practice of non judgemeant and empathy, as well as working through blocks that prevent growth. I want to share with others what my guide, Rama, has taught me. So if you would like a reading or desire to learn tarot, I hope you will join me on the journey of moving into fifth dimensional living.

The Empress