About Blue Star Tarot

My journey with spirituality began in my late teens. I was almost seventeen, close to finishing High School and had moved to the mountains with a friend to wait for my end of year results. My friend understood about clairvoyance and crystals, things of this nature, because her sister and mother dabbled now and then. I, on the other hand, having grown up in a fairly agnostic family, knew nothing. One week my friend and her mother took me to a woman who claimed to be a channel and a medium. Her name was Diana Williams, a free spirit living in the hills of Victoria. As we climbed out of the car I felt the energy of her home immediately, a light, clear energy. She greeted us and asked my friend to wait in her lounge room while she read for me. As I walked through the house the sound of wind chimes echoed from the balcony, a sound I will never forget. I sat down opposite her, feeling very awkward. She smiled, didn't say much and then it began. In shock I watched her whole body and face change. Her voice resonated with a deep male tone. My head grew dizzy and my eyes darted back and forth as I stared at her. He spoke and said that he was my guide and that he had been waiting for me, he had been with me for many life times and since this one, from birth. He had been my teacher in India, and I was his student. He spoke to me for a long time. His presence had a strange familiarity to it, a comfortable trust. The reading finished with him telling me that one day, through meditation, I would hear him. Before he left her body I blurted out the question, 'What is your name?', 'Rama', he said through her and was gone.

Later that week I had two dreams, one where I was a vampire that could fly, my master was teaching me how to do front flips in the air. 'Go backwards' he would say, and in my dream I thought, if I did that I would have to let go of all the laws of physics that I understood. I would have to let go of my natural reality, and so, I did. I flipped backwards and found myself outside of my body looking down on myself sleeping. From this perspective I could see all around me, all at once, there was no contrast, no opposition, only complete oneness. As soon as I realised what was happening, bam, I was back in my body sitting upright in a daze. The second night I dreamt I was standing on a cliff with the same being, he said 'Jump', so I did, and as I fell, I moved through colors, my whole being vibrating, like I was in a spa. Again I woke up outside my body and even faster this time, I was back in, sitting upright in my bed. These two experiences changed my life. I now had proof that I was not just a body, that I could experience existence outside of the physical world I knew.

From that year onwards, I searched for the truth about who I was. I read books, studied, and devoted myself to finding answers. What my guide had told me was right, I did begin to hear him myself. In my early twenties I attended two pranic healing courses in Melbourne. At the end of the second weekend we were offered a healing from the master. When I reached him and sat on the chair preparing for a healing I asked, could he energise my throat chakra so I could hear my guide. He laughed and looked down at me sitting on the chair. This would take years of meditation to achieve, he snorted! I looked up at him smiling and said, 'I've been doing the work'. He pointed an outstretched hand at my throat and I felt a strong buzzing sensation hit the back of my larynx. For days it stayed this way, then it happened. I was putting some washing on the line and a rhetorical question popped into my head out of nowhere. I stood still and answered. I got an answer back. From that moment I saw Rama in my mind's eye and heard him speak to me through ideas, images and words that seemed to be placed there in neat, perfectly structured sentences. I wrote everything down. One day his words will be printed. Yet the proof he really existed came later. One morning, years after I met Diana Williams and saw her channel Rama, I sat in my meditation chair and he came in like a force of wind and said, 'Sufi'. I had no knowledge of this religion other than having seen pictures of the Russian men spinning in circles. So I questioned him, and he impressed an image in my mind of he and I, sitting and studying, what he called 'The Mind Of God'. He intonated that during this lifetime, when I was his student, (a male at that), he taught me what the divine mind was, how to reach into divine thinking, searching the heavens for answers, and not from man, but the divine creator. And this was not a religious searching, it was through meditation and true connection with Source. I had never reasearched on the internet whether there was a Rama. I knew of the Hindi version, but he said this was not who he was. So after decades (no internet back when he first came in) I typed into the search engine, 'Rama, Sufi and Indian'. Out it popped, the evidence, that I had never laid eyes on before. In the fifteenth century B.C, a man or master from India, called Ramanada, had created a religion based on the study of the mind of God, called Bhaktism that was a break off from the Arabic religion of Sufism. It was proof for me, and only I know why, because in my heart I undestood I had not been aware of this knowledge before and it took years to come about. This kind of proof for me is the deal breaker that I am not nuts. But it does not end there....

These kinds of experiences continued throughout my life, from meeting someone I had known in a past life, to seeing auric fields around people, to learning tarot through a brilliant tarot reader and numerologist, to reading for people myself, to now, where the experieces I have had, only solidify my belief that there is a spiritual realm, that I am a soul, that I am a light being having a human experience. So Blue Star Tarot is my way of reaching out, to share what I have experienced and teach others if they desire to know, the truth about who they are and a way to find it.

After recently experiencing a life changing spiritual awakening, similar to the one I went through in my late teens, I began writing my first book Tarot, The Holistic Approach. Within six months it was completed. From there I have connected with more guides, guides from Sirius, as well as an American Indian guide called White Feather. I am fufilling my life long purpose in teaching spirituality. So here begins a new journey, I hope you will allow me to guide you, through my readings, books and workshops.


 Sirian Light Symbol

This was given to me during a meditation by my Sirian guide I call, Kachina,

The Blue Star Woman

Sirian Light Symbol for Silara

Copyright Bronwyn Steventon 

A channeling by Ronna Herman, and one of the most genuine Archangel Michael sources.

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